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Most of the new powers he is claiming are about self-preservation.

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They arise not out of any public demand, nor out of any desire to accrue powers to the presidency itself. There are almost entirely motivated by personal, seemingly narcissistic reasons. This is in keeping… with his view of the presidency less as a vehicle for any specific policy agenda and more as a vehicle for self-glorification. Trump ran for the presidency for personal reasons, and he is expanding its power for personal reasons…. In other words, our constitutional checks and balances have so eroded that the presidency can be—and has been—hijacked to serve the ineradicable pathology of a man who would obliterate that design altogether.

For Trump, even public policy is personal: the only organizing principle for his wildly oscillating stances is the desire to perpetuate himself in office by any means available.

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That includes stacking the remaining constitutional check on executive overreach: the judiciary. As Philip Rotner wrote here in The Bulwark :. Meanwhile, the Trump-made Supreme Court has issued a series of straight party-line decisions that have weakened the guardrails … against the expansion of presidential power.

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His latest appointee, Brett Kavanaugh, seems likely further to tilt the court toward supporting a presidency unbound by legal limits. One ominous sign is his attitude toward United States v. The constitutional context is striking. Trump acted after Congress had expressly refused to appropriate monies for the wall, provoking a costly government shutdown—a naked assertion of his power to gut the budgetary authority granted Congress under Article I.

Little wonder, then, that he feels free to attack our intelligence agencies and undermine our electoral processes to protect his grip on power. But when these activities were uncovered, a consensus emerged that these critical agencies should be free of political pressures.

‘They just couldn’t have contemplated any of this’

Stop to consider this. Recently the Senate Intelligence Committee reported that 21 states were targeted by Russian hackers in , exploring how to hack statewide election results. Yet Senate Majority LeaderMitch McConnell, is helping Trump by trampling on the separation of powers: He has blocked two pieces of legislation designed to safeguard our elections in by requiring paper ballots and voting machines not directly connected to the Internet. There is nothing partisan about either legislative proposal—except that they could keep the Russians from helping Trump win re-election.

Plainly, Trump prefers subverting democracy with the help of a foreign autocracy that loathes it—and the cynical and supine Republican leader of the Congress that James Madison conceived of as a barrier to executive overreach. In Attorney General William Barr, Trump has found the perfect avatar to convert his authoritarian cravings into unmediated executive power.

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He alone is the executive branch. As such he is the sole repository of all Executive powers conferred by the Constitution. In sum, the president can violate the law as he likes, immune from law itself. He defied congressional demands for testimony and documents. He sanctioned an obvious lie to the Supreme Court to further Trumps efforts to include a citizenship question in the census. He refused to prosecute secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross — and himself — pursuant to contempt citations for refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas.

An attorney general in a functioning democracy does not rend the rule of law. As this misappropriation of executive power proceeds apace, so does the degradation of our democracy.

Our president is a morally debased authoritarian-in-waiting who shreds legal and constitutional constraints. Its partisan Supreme Court majority may well emulate this fatal abdication.

Trump Exposes the Peril of Presidential Power Grabs

As the institutions of democracy fail, so does the popular understanding of what democracy is—and the means or will to uphold it. Any student of history has seen this trajectory before, and knows too well where it ends. GOP, Politics. Congress has been yielding lawmaking authority for almost a century. A person elected the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, within 3 days of announcement of results of elections of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, takes an oath with participation of judges of Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan: "Carrying out powers of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan I swear to follow the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, protect sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, to serve people".

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be considered to enter on the execution of his office upon having taken the presidential oath. A citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan who has the right to participate in elections, has higher education and has no obligations to other states may be appointed to the position of Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall have the right of immunity. The honour and dignity of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be protected by law. In such case the body which detained the vice-president must immediately notify Prosecutor-General of the Azerbaijan Republic about the fact.

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Immunity of the Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan might be stopped only by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, based on application of Prosecutor-General of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Presidential power. From the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan Article 8. The Head of the State of Azerbaijan I.

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Power of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan: Article Elections: Article Foundations of elections of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan I. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is elected by a majority of half of the votes. Procedure of implementation of the present Article is prescribed by law. Article