Soyez savants, devenez prophètes (SCIENCES) (French Edition)

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  5. Georges Charpak has led an amazing life. A Polish-Ukrainian refugee whose family fled anti-Semitic persecution in the Russian civil war, he came to France as a child and became a brilliant student while at the same time participating in the anti-fascist struggle. After being arrested for his activities in the Resistance, he was deported to a concentration camp.

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    When the camp was liberated, he returned to France and continued his studies at the prestigious engineering school L'Ecole des Mines. The multiwire chamber he invented resulted in the discovery of elementary particles — a discovery that is essential for the understanding of the infinitely small, such as of W and Z particles. His multiwire chamber has found other applications, notably in medical imaging. A militant for several humanitarian causes, he is known for his support of human rights in Eastern Europe and, particularly, for his condemnation of nuclear arms, which he believes pose an ever-growing threat not only to world peace but also to the survival of humanity.

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    The recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in , Georges Charpak recounts in this remarkably vivid book the many facets of his fascinating life: refugee, militant, member of the French Resistance, deportee, and brilliant inventor of an instrument that led to groundbreaking discoveries in atomic physics. Please be aware any communications sent complaining about a post on this website may be posted publicly at the discretion of the administration.

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