The Dragon Lady

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The Dragon Lady

From the glamorous Italian Riviera before the Great War to the Art Deco glory of Eltham Palace in the thirties, and from the secluded Scottish Highlands to segregated Rhodesia in the fifties, the narrative spans enormous cultural and social change. Lady Virginia Courtauld was a boundary-breaking, colourful and unconventional person who rejected the submissive role women were expected to play.

Many people had reason to dislike Ginie, but who had reason enough to pull the trigger? Deeply evocative of time and place, The Dragon Lady subtly blends fact and fiction to paint the portrait of an extraordinary woman in an era of great social and cultural change. It is not just Lady Courtauld's story, but also the people fighting for the country's future.

And while the book may only focus on a small piece of Zimbabwe's long complicated history, it does so with emotion and fire.

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Treger switches elegantly between narrators, time and place, and wears her meticulous research lightly in this fascinating novel. Clever and compelling I couldn't wait to find out who shot The Dragon Lady , but at the same time I was so immersed that I didn't want it to end.

It comes as no surprise to learn of Treger's deep love for Africa, which, in her own words, is flowing through her blood and marrow. A remarkable achievement. Louisa Treger vividly brings to life both the historical characters of Virginia Ginie and Stephen Courtauld, and life in s Rhodesia, in a deeply moving blend of fact and fiction that is intimately personal while painting a broader picture of a divided society.

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In , an unintentional conversation with Ralph Monar revealed that she had discovered theropod fossils. Immediately, the two began making plans to present a paper about them at the Fifth Gondwana Symposium in Wellington. At the time in the scientific community, the discovery of dinosaurs was seen as unimportant because of the popularity of invertebrate paleontology.

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In the s, Wiffen named two new species of mosasaurs, which remain interesting to paleontologists because mosasaurs were thought to be a link between sea and land dinosaurs. A two-volume symposium on mosasaurs in the Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France is dedicated to her. Ultimately, her work proved that dinosaurs once existed in New Zealand. This opened up new areas of paleontological research by effectively refuting the argument that dinosaurs had not moved across Gondwana prior the division of the supercontinent, which meant there might be numerous unexplored fossil sites around the world.

In reading biopics and in memoriam essays about Joan Wiffen, it is easy to romanticize her experience, as many of her well-meaning peers do.

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She should be admired for being able to traverse adverse terrain, quickly identify fossil sites, and process fossils in her backyard. However, this should not obscure the fact that those activities were only necessary because she was not given the opportunity to approach paleontology in the traditional way. Wiffen herself did not learn from the same body of knowledge, circulate in the right scientific societies, or gain the respect of her peers prior to her major discoveries.

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